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Marginalia‘s mission is to use the two great knowledge technologies of the modern world, the internet and the research university, to solve the crisis they have created: the fragmentation of rigorous knowledge from human meaning.

Marginalia combines the virtues of the university and the internet to create new forms of critical knowledge that intersect journalism, scholarship, and public discourse, providing a new digital commons for conversation about the most important subjects, from science and history to art and religion.

MRB commissions contributions but the editors are equally interested in hearing from you about those pieces that demand to be written. The editors welcome proposals for book reviews, essays, and forums. 


We seek reviews that are accessible, intelligent, in-depth, and keep the larger context in view. For the complete review guidelines:


We seek essays that situate a thesis in a larger intellectual and cultural context. Essays are not narrowly focused academic articles. For the complete essay guidelines:


Our forums are used in classrooms across the world and have been solicited for publication. For the complete forum guidelines:


“Science vs. Religion and Other Modern Myths.” On Jerry Coyne, Faith vs. Fact: Why Science and Religion are Incompatible and Peter Harrison, The Territories of Science and Religion. Marginalia Review of Books, 7 October 2016: http://marginaliareviewofbooks/science-vs-religion-modern-myths

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