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Quantum Information Theory: Part 2 of Philip Ball on Beyond Weird

Philip Ball

The writer Philip Ball is former editor of Nature, a physicist by training, and the author of over 25 books on science, history, and culture. In this interview for MRB TV, Ball discusses his book, Beyond Weird: Why Everything You Knew about Quantum Physics is Different, which won the William Thompson, Lord Kelvin 2019 Medal and Prize from the Institute of Physics, and the 2018 Physics World Book of the Year for 2018. Learn more about Ball at:

Ball is interviewed by Samuel Loncar, a philosopher and the editor of the Marginalia Review of Books. You can see more of his work on YouTube on his own channel, at Marginalia, and

MRB TV is part of the the Marginalia Review of Books, which brings Deep Learning for the Digital Age, connecting the best of science and scholarship to the public, arts, and culture.


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