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Winter 2023 Issue

Dear Readers,

We are delighted to bring our WINTER 2023 ISSUE to you, sharing over 150 pages of thoughtful writing and rigorous thinking that gathers the separated silos of the university, arts, science, and culture into a single collection of insight and learning.


You can access every piece in our WINTER 2023 newsletter or as an e-journal. These incredible pages would not be possible without our many contributors, editors, and readers: the global MRB community committed to depth and insight.

As we close 2023, our goal is to raise $25,000 dollars to sustain this mission and community, giving readers continual access to our pages without a paywall or distracting ads.


We love serving the Republic of Letters, offering critical publications in an age of AI and misinformation. Your gift makes possible the publication of today’s best insights that lay the foundation for a future built on depth and meaning.


As a charitable organization and magazine for the public good, your donation is tax deductible. Thank you for being part of our mission: deep learning for a digital age.


We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season filled with coffee, tea, and books!


Happy Holidays!

Editor-in-Chief, Samuel Loncar, Ph.D.

Executive Editor, Alexandra Barylski, M.A.

Managing Editor, Brad Holden, Ph.D.

Thank you for making our pages possible!


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